Operations Smile

The Operations Smile program was initiated for Grades 6 to 12 students on the 28th of April 2019. An orientation was given by the representatives of “Operation Smile” on the purpose of starting the club. The students were given a briefing of how “Operation Smile” works toward helping students with cleft lip. Students of Grades 6 to 12 contributed to the Club by participating in “A Dirham a Day Program” where they donated a good amount to the organisation. This created an interest in the students to start up their own school club to help and support “Operation Smile”.
A group of 30 students signed up to volunteer in the Operation Smile Club. Francis David of Grade 11 and Avantika Rajesh of Grade 11 took up the responsibility of becoming the Leaders of the Club. The Club was initiated on the 12th of September 2019 after an orientation session was given to the Leaders by the Operations Smile Representatives.
Meetings are held at the Operations Smile Office every month to follow up on the fund raising and functioning of the School Clubs and their activities.

The School Club had conducted various fundraising programs such as Face Painting, Bake Sale and Teachers Sports Day Activities to support the Organisation.

The students took up the initiative on their own and organised the fund raising activities. They made their own budget, calculated the revenue and expenses and made a record of the same. The amount was collected and handed over to the Operations Smile office.

In Spite of the pandemic of 2020-21, students have not given up on their interest in the club and have continued their work to re-establish the club with Nazima of Grade 12 taking over heading the club along with 15 members in charge of different positions like finance, event management, marketing and club volunteers. They have been attending the monthly meetings with Operations Smile and have organised a charity drive in selling hampers to the community for collecting donations for Operations Smile. 7 students attended the U-LEAD on the 17th to 19th of December , where participants from schools across the middle east region came together to help raise funds by conducting various activities. The volunteers are split into different groups with a Team Leader, Assistant Leader, and a Smile Advisor.They participated in engaging from December 26th to January 16th, usually once a week. The public was also encouraged to donate to the operation smile funding via an authentic online platform named 'YallaGive'. Students of Mayoor have shown great skills in organising and maintaining the club and its activity.

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