School Uniform
KG 1 AND KG 2: Girls and Boys:

Regular school uniform: Navy blue shorts, Light Blue Bush shirts, with side slits.
P.E. Uniform: Navy blue shorts (the same as the regular school uniform) with Blue T shirts.

Footwear: Regular school footwear Black shoes with Velcro and grey socks.
P.E. Uniform footwear: White sport shoes and white socks.

School Blazer, Ties and belts:

School Blazer: Navy blue with a red stripe along the fold.
This should be worn during the cooler months: (October to March.)

Ties and belts: to be worn on all school days and at all times.

Grades 1 TO IV: Girls

Regular school uniform: Grey, Knee length pleated skirts with Blue Bush shirts with slits.
P.E. uniform: House colour T shirt and the 3 coloured sport shorts.

Grades 1 TO IV: Boys

Regular school uniform: Grey, Knee length shorts with Blue Bush shirts with slits
P. E Uniform: House colour T-shirt 3 coloured sport shorts. 

Grades V TO XII: Girls and Boys

Regular school uniform: Grey, Long pants with Blue bush shirts with slits.
P. E Uniform: Boys House colour T-shirt with 3 coloured sports shorts
P.E. Uniform: Girls House colour T-shirt with long track pants.

FOOT WEAR: From Grades I to XII

Foot Wear With the Regular School Uniform:
Boys: Black school shoes with shoe laces or Velcro and grey socks.
Girls: Black school shoes (with a strap across) and grey socks. 
PE Footwear for all: White sport shoes and house colored socks.

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