In collaboration with Mayo College General Council
Primary and High School
1. Where is Mayoor School Abu Dhabi located?
Mayoor is a CBSE school, in collaboration with Mayo College General Council, India, located in Sector South Watbha, Plot No 24. The campus is 10 minutes' drive from Mohamed Bin Zayed city, 15 minutes' Drive from Mussafa and 35 minutes' Drive from Abu Dhabi city.
2. How does Mayoor School differ from other Indian Schools?
  • A well-established Internationally known brand (MAYO College, Ajmer, India) with more than 135 years of experience in educating students in different curricula
  • The presence of 5 (Mayoor Schools) highly acclaimed and sought after schools of India, into which we can have a seamless transition
  • Known for its progressive approach to teaching and learning
  • No Homework policy up to Grade 2
  • Its affiliation with the world's largest and most recognized secondary and senior secondary schools certification board -The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
  • A highly professional and competitive approach to schooling, with a great emphasis on giving personalized attention to all students
  • A track record of brilliant board results across curricula and levels, year after year; of affiliated schools
  • Follow a culture of excellence in sports and co curricular activities
  • A green campus with all the amenities for a multi-dimensional and holistic growth of the child
  • Its location, in the proximity of a number of upcoming residential areas.
  • A well-connected school transport facility
  • An affordable fee structure
  • Pool of club activities to choose from and pursue
  • High percentage of experienced, international, professional teaching faculty.
  • Oxford Reading Program (ORT) to accelerate reading
3. What is the focus of school curriculum at various levels?
Mayoor School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), shall follow CBSE prescribed curriculum. It shall strictly adhere to continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) advocated by CBSE.

Mayoor School-AD Kindergarten shall adopt an integrated approach to provide total growth of the developing child, affecting body as well as mind and addressing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs, in addition to academic welfare. Technology activities will be fully integrated into the program, which will promote the development of fine motor skills, hand –eye coordination, math and reading and listening skills. We believe that experiential learning in a scientific atmosphere enables the students to acquire higher order thinking skills that assist them in turn in gaining cognitive and analytical skills. Field trips & simulations also form an important aspect of the educational experience at Mayoor School.
4. When do admissions begin?
The academic year starts in early April 2015. Admissions generally start around mid December/Early January, and are open throughout the year, depending on the availability of seats. We will only take 25 students in KG and 30 students per class in Grades One and above. It is recommended that you visit our web site, and familiarize yourself with the approach and core purpose of the school before applying.
5. Where can I get a Registration form?
Registration forms can be downloaded from our website and are also available at the Admissions Office.
6. What are the criteria for admission to the school?
Mayoor School is one of the top-rated schools. We welcome those who subscribe to our values and approach towards education. Preference is given to children who live in proximity to the school, siblings and those who express a level of passion or excellence in any particular field.

Students applying for admission up to Grade V are required to attend an Assessment cum Interview (with School Principal) along with parents to share thoughts & educational philosophy. Students applying for Grade VI and above will take placement tests in English, Math and the Sciences. Admission is confirmed once the appropriate fees are paid.
7. What are the documents required for admissions?

Completed Application Forms to be submitted along with:

  • 10 recent passport size Photographs
  • Copy of Passport with valid Residence Visa
  • Copy of Emirates ID
  • Copy of attested Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Immunization Records
  • Copy of Insurance Card
  • Copy of previous School records (if applicable)
  • Copy of attested Transfer Certificate (if applicable)

Sponsor/Parents of the Student:

  • Copy of Passport with valid Residence Visa
  • Copy of Emirates ID
8. How do you assess students?
Continuous assessment facilitates both formative and summative evaluation of a student's progress. Formative Assessment is skilled based and continuous. It focuses on the application of learning, taking the form of projects, hands-on activities, presentations, symposiums, quiz's, role play, lab work, etc. Summative Assessments are paper-pen tests that evaluate larger units or concept clusters. They take the form of unit reviews, as well as semester exams from Grade 3 onwards.
9. What is the student-teacher ratio at Mayoor School? How many students would there be in each class?
The projected, ideal student-teacher ratio at Mayoor is 12-15:1. However, currently the student-teacher ratio at Mayoor School Abu Dhabi stands at approximately 12:1. The expected class size is 25 students in KG & 30 students in Grade one and above. There is a cap of 6 sections per grade level.
10. What languages does Mayoor offer?
English is the medium of instruction at Mayoor School. Arabic language is mandatory from Grade 1 to Grade 12. French/Hindi starts in Grade 1 and continues upto Grade 12.

Candidates of Indian nationality have to take the examination for a second language.
Options are: Hindi/French, or any other Indian language approved by the CBSE Council.
Currently Mayoor offers Hindi, Arabic and French only.
11. How do children travel to and from the school?
We offer a bus service for students. Several well-planned bus routes ensure the safety and security of the every child under trained adult supervisor. Children get on and off at designated pickup points on the main routes.

There is CCTV and GPS in all buses. Parents can avail the facility to track the movement of their child's bus. Mayoor is contemplating of introducing RFID cards in the near future.
12. What is the frequency and duration of co-curricular activities on offer?
Every child in Kindergarten and Primary School is exposed to Sports & PE, music, singing, drama and art & craft. All classes will have PE and swimming on one day of the week, the rest of the activities are held once/twice a week. In Middle and High School, the frequency is reduced to allow more time and focus on academics. While Sports and PE continues to be offered, students will be offered other activities during the ZERO period time table, when co-curricular activities take place. This period is also used for competitions, guest lectures, workshops etc. Various co-curricular activities will also have a designated time after school hours too. This is in accordance with our school vision: excellence in academics and one chosen co-curricular activity.
13. How accessible are the faculty, admin and Principal to parents?
At Mayoor, we encourage the involvement of parents. As a parent, you are an important part of the learning process and you can choose your degree and level of involvement in your child's education. Students will always have access to teachers, Vice Principal and Principal. You may contact teachers or the Head of each Section – Elementary, Middle or High School or the Vice Principal, or the Principal via email or by prior appointment, coordinated by the administrative assistant. We have Parent-Teacher Meetings 2 times a year in order to keep you informed of class progress, lesson plans, homework, behavior reports, attendance, activities etc.

Apart from regular Parent-Teacher Meetings in the year, you may also meet teachers by appointments set up through the administrative assistant. Teachers have their own email IDs and may be contacted directly, with a copy to the appropriate Head of each Section.

Send emails to for KG1, KG2 and Grade 1 queries
and to for Grade 2 to 6 queries.
For Admissions and Fees please send an email to
14. How are your teachers selected?

Our teachers are chosen from educational institutions in India and abroad. They seek a position at Mayoor for the opportunity to teach differently, to be active agents of change and growth, and to evolve as a ‘friend, philosopher and guide’ in an empowered atmosphere of creativity, inquiry and caring.

Teachers undergo regular and rigorous training in pedagogical (instructional) methodology, pastoral care and in their specific subject areas. Professional development opportunities will be provided to teachers on an ongoing basis ensuring that faculty is motivated and up-to-date with their curriculum.

The procedure for selection to faculty is as follows:

  • Submission of a resume with a covering letter explaining how the candidate can contribute to Mayoor’s Mission and Core values.
  • 3 rounds of interviews: One with the Head of the Department/ Class demo (to check Subject Expertise and Pedagogy of teaching), Head of the respective Section and the Vice Principal/Principal.
  • We also determine selection based on performance and willingness to adapt and learn and integrate technology into teaching
As a result of this process, our teaching team is enlightened and balanced, with a mix of young as well as experienced teachers.
15. What policy does Mayoor follow to ensure discipline?
Mayoor recognizes the importance of discipline to facilitate learning and growth for every child. We strive to create an atmosphere of orderliness and respect for others' needs which, at the same time, nurtures an environment of freedom to enquire and to express. We have a strict Code of Conduct for students. There is also a merit system wherein students get positive or negative house points on areas such as hygiene, cleanliness, submission of homework etc., exhibiting ethical behavior which supports the core values of the school and of the society.

Awards are given for excellence in different areas, as we believe that positive reinforcement of good behavior can build self-esteem and strong values.

We believe in developing students to be independent learners and be responsible about their own learning, thereby meeting the demands of the increasingly challenging world.
16. Is there a Counselling Centre for students?
There is a dedicated room for the Counselor as well as Academic Support services. Specialized teachers offer these services, to students facing academic or learning difficulties. The school counselor will provide short term personal and academic counseling to support students in addressing the issues impacting their learning and/or their emotional/social wellbeing. There will also be SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) to give appropriate support to students with special needs.
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