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Celebrations At Mayoor
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48th UAE National Day Celebration

Graduation Day 2019
International Yoga Day @ Mayoor - 2019

Teachers Day Celebration
International Yoga Day - Grade 11
International Yoga Day - KG
Investiture Ceremony - 2018-19

KG Pyjama Party
Book Character Day
46thNational Day Celebration
Festival of Nations
Comic Con Party for KG1 & KG2 students
Visit to Supermarket - 18th September 2017
River Rally Project by Mayoor Students
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Exposure to External Examinations for KG
French Elocution Competition - 14th September 2017
Hindi Day Celebration
Investiture Ceremony on 11th May 2017
World Health Day Celebrations
Innovation Week -20th to 24th Nov 2016
Teddy Bear Picnic
Children's Day Celebration for KG - 14th Nov 2016
Children's Day Celebration for Grade 1-10 - 14th Nov 2016.
UAE Flag Day
Teachers' day Celebration by KG 1 & 2.
Health Club
Teachers' Day celebration - 5th Sept 2016
Welcome assembly by MPS Teachers on 28thAug 2016
International Yoga Day 21stJune 2016
KG 1 Family Day Celebration on 20th June 2016
KG 2 Family Day Celebration on 21st June 2016
Students of Grades 6 to 10 witnessed a Handwriting Competition where they had a choice of language to select from.
209 students of Grades 6 to 10 participated in the competition. It was a pleasure to see beautiful pages being written in Arabic, Hindi, French and English.
Arabic Week at Mayoor

Arabic Reading Week brought in linguistic enrichment, as there were exchange of ideas within students and staff. Decorative reading corners, interesting activities in the library and classroom enhanced the liveliness of Mayoor Campus.
Cyber Quest Festival - 2nd and 3rd May 2016

Students of Grades 7 and 8 witnessed experiential learning on 2nd and 3rd May as they participated in the various workshops organized at the Cyber Quest Festival which was organised by NESA(UAE National Electronic Security Authority).
Field Trip - Cyber quest festival - 2nd May 2016 - Grade 7A1 and 8A1

Field Trip - Cyber quest festival - 3rd May 2016 - Grade 7B1 and 8B1

Teddy Bear Picnic - KG1 and KG2

A Teddy Bear Picnic was held on 18th and 19th April, 2016 for KG2 and KG1 respectively. The students were excited about the event and happy to bring their own soft toy teddies. The event was filled with fun and excitement with the KG2 students introducing their teddies and carrying them for an outdoor picnic. KG1 students had a little role play by some of the teachers and then danced to teddy songs along with their cuddly teddy friends. The events ended with the students watching a short video and finally coloring teddy bear activity sheets which they happily took home. This was an amazing , fun-filled start to the new academic year.


Earth Day Celebration - 21st April 2016

All students celebrated World Earth Day on Thursday, 21st April 2016. On this occasion, students donated plants to school as they passed the message of the importance of Planting trees. During the special assembly, the Eco club members presented the Journey of Mayoor and SSI. Students of higher grades passed the message ‘Trees 4 Earth’ through the badges that were made and distributed to the staff. An Inter house Poster Making competition was also held, where in students painted their thoughts on nature conservation. Students from Primary section showed their creativity and caring attitude towards the planet Earth through the posters they made on the themes - ‘Celebrating Planet Earth’ and ‘Proud to be an Earthling’. Kindergarten students witnessed a tree plantation drive.
KG 1 - Fancy Dress Competition
KG 2 - Fancy Dress Competition
Science Exhibition - Sustainable Homes
Sports Day - Grades 3 to 9
Sports Day - KG1 and KG2
Sports Day - Grade 1 & 2
Sports Day - Grades 3 to 9 (Day 1)
Republic Day Celebration
Field Trip: KG1 - Khalifa Park
Field Trip - KG2 - Khalifa Park
Field Trip - Grades 3 and 4 - Emirates Zoo
Field Trip - Grades 5 to 9 - ADNEC - Masdar City
Al Wathba Wet Land (SSI Project) - Grade 8B
School Trip - Grade 1
School Trip - Grade 2
Christmas Celebrations at Mayoor
1st Annual Day of KG & Grade 1
1st Annual Day of Grades 2 to 9
KG Exhibition - 'BEST OUT OF WASTE'
Best Out of Waste ( KG 1 & 2)
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